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System Design/Integration


Our systems integration team is tasked with designing, installing and maintaining a variety of audio and video systems. Our installation technicians are trained and certified and receive training from InfoComm along with manufacturers. We keep up to date with best practices and are able to install your system with the utmost expertise.

We have developed a process to ensure that your entire project – from concept to completion – goes smoothly.

1 – Consultation

Our process begins with a consultation/needs assessment where we discuss with you the requirements for your new system. We will evaluate your venue, taking photos and measurements and review the current structure and power available. From there, we prepare a summary of what we plan on proposing with products and estimated costs. We do not charge for this service.

2 – Design

Our designers will utilize various computer programs such as AutoCAD and EASE to design your system. We work closely with the engineers at the manufacturers and if you have an architect or general contractor, we will communicate with them as well.

We often utilize 3D modeling in our design process to give you a visualization of your new system. Every design created by JD Sound & Video is fully customized to fit your needs and venue.

3 – Installation

Once we are awarded a job, we prepare a schedule for installation and coordinate with any trades that may be involved on the project. We will present a proposed timeline and our project manager will coordinate all deliveries and on-site work. Our installation crew works various shifts to accommodate your schedule to avoid disruptions. Your project manager will be available at any time to answers questions and will send you updates throughout the project.

4 – System Commissioning

Once your A/V system installation is completed, we will inspect and test your system and verify all components are fully functioning. We then utilize various test equipment to ensure that your system is performing optimally and tune properly.

5 – Education/Training

In addition to providing you with a professional A/V system, our team will train you on how to get the most out of your brand new system. We will schedule a training session with your staff at your convenience. Any questions you may have about your system will be answered. Our goal is for you to be comfortable with your A/V system and to maximize its potential.

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