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Ocean Road Elementary School

Cafetorium Sound/Video System

Shortly after upgrading the Nellie Bennett Elementary School, we were contracted to install a similar system for the Ocean Road School. We setup a demo of Community’s new ENTASYS column line arrays and the administration was very impressed. The new system features a double stack on each side with Veris210 subwoofers and Crown amplifiers. The system is used daily for lunches, after school programs and for many board meetings.

Equipment List:

  • (2) Community ENTASYS FR Columns 
  • (2) Community ENTASYS LF Columns 
  • (2) Community Veris210 Subwoofers 
  • (2) Crown XTi4000 Amplifiers 
  • (4) Shure SLX Wireless Microphones 
  • (1) Sony 5-disc CD player 
  • (1) Furman Power Conditioner/Sequencer 
  • (1) Panasonic 4000 Lumen Projector 

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