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Shawnee High School

Gymnasium & Stadium

The Shawnee High School stadium was completed early September 2013 and replaced a poorly implemented system which was not working.

The new system features three Community R.2 loudspeakers provide coverage of the entire field and visitor stands with two Community loudspeakers covering the home stands and two Community R1 loudspeakers coverage the sides of the home stands.

Two Community i215LVS subwoofers provide additional low-frequency reinforcement.  The system is powered by Crown amplifiers with a Community dSPEC processors.

The gymnasium system was completed in November of 2013 and feature sixteen Community R.5 loudspeakers with two i215LVS subwoofers.  The system is powered by four Crown amplifiers with a Rane HAL processor.

Two wireless microphones and a CD/iPod deck completed the system.

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